6. Parcours de Navarrenx à St Jean-Pied-de-Port

Through the Basque Country, in Atlantic Pyrenees


On this part of the route, the track leaves Béarn region and crosses the western part of Atlantic Pyrenees, in the Basque Country. It’s a 72-kilometer journey. Here, compared to Béarn area, slope variations remain the same (+19 m km and -18 m/km, against +23 m/km and -25m/km, between Le Puy and Conques). It is therefore in the first part of the Camino de Santiago that the slope is steepest.

Basque Country is the brother of Béarn, a country of gentle hills, with however a little more meadows, cattle and less corn. For pilgrims, it is a popular trip, because nature is beautiful and you are finally getting closer to Spain.

Here, we made a foray into the usual program of the Camino de Santiago, via St Palais. We have divided the route into 4 stages, which represents less than 20 kilometers on average per stage. But here, many pilgrims stop off less, and sometimes manage to complete the route in 3 days. Some steps are longer, others shorter. It mainly depends on your physical condition, your stamina and your walking pleasure.

Have a nice trip.